We offer a rich calendar of recreational, educational, spiritual, and wellness-focused events to help residents live every day to the fullest. Our wide variety of activities offer opportunities for residents to do more of what they love each day. Our dedicated activities director finds new and fun ways to engage residents, from personal training and Wii bowling to book clubs and cultural seminars.

Daily Engagement

Today’s seniors want new experiences and a chance to learn something new. Our activities calendar provides a wide range of activities designed for all physical abilities and mental capacities to keep residents engaged daily.

Active & Engaged

Research shows engagement and activities have the potential to benefit older adults in many ways:

  • Promote emotional connection and self-expression
  • Gain a feeling of accomplishment
  • Maintain motor skills
  • Minimize loneliness and depression
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Discover how our residents with different hobbies and interests stay mentally, physically, and socially active!

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